Tyres Fitting at Keller Tyres Pukekohe

Tyre Sales & Fitting

For all your tyre needs, Keller Tyres provides no-nonsense sales and expert fitting services. Whether you drive a passenger car or a rugged 4x4, we have the perfect tyres to enhance your driving experience.

We also cater to trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, and industrial vehicles, helping you find the ideal tyres for any application.

From smooth highway rides and challenging off-road adventures to full fleet maintenance and auditing, you can trust Keller Tyres for exceptional tyre sales and fitting services – no scratched wheels!

Looking for speedy service?

We offer a mobile fitting service to help Franklin businesses get back on the road in no time. Whether you drive a truck, a bus, agricultural machinery, or an industrial vehicle, we have the perfect tyres to enhance your driving experience. Book in with our team today.

Tyre Service at Keller Tyres Pukekohe

Our Services

Passenger & 4x4

Keller Tyres specialises in providing high-performance tyres for both passenger cars and 4x4 vehicles.

With a wide range of options, we ensure you have the right tyres to match your driving style and preferences. Our expert team will assist you in selecting the perfect tyres for a safe and enjoyable journey, no matter where the road takes you.

Trucks & Buses

When it comes to commercial vehicles, Keller Tyres offers a comprehensive selection of heavy-duty tyres suitable for trucks and buses.

We understand the importance of durability and efficiency for such vehicles, and our range of high-quality tyres ensures reliable performance and enhanced safety for your fleet. Recommending application-specific tyres and maintaining uniformity across your fleet is our top priority. Our team of dedicated fleet specialists is on call 24/7 to ensure you can keep your wheels turning.


For farmers and agricultural businesses, Keller Tyres provides specialised tyres designed to withstand the rigours of farming and ensure maximum productivity.

From tractors to harvesters, our agricultural tyres offer exceptional traction and durability, allowing you to work efficiently in various farming conditions. Our team understands the challenges of farming and we strive to keep our response times to urgent callouts within the Franklin area to under 1 hour, 24/7.


In industrial settings, having reliable and robust tyres is crucial for smooth operations. Keller Tyres offers a wide range of industrial tyres suitable for forklifts, loaders, and other industrial machinery.

Count on us for durable tyres that provide excellent performance and safety in demanding environments.

O.T.R. (Off the Road)

For heavy-duty machinery operators, Keller Tyres offers Off The Road (OTR) tyres designed to tackle rough terrains with ease.

Whether it's construction sites, mining operations, or forestry work, our OTR tyres deliver outstanding performance and durability to keep your machines running smoothly in the toughest conditions.


We recommend trusted tyre brands known for reliability, safety, and value for money. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, ensuring you get the best quality tyres for your needs.

Drive with confidence, knowing you have top-notch recommendations from Keller Tyres.

Our Recommended Brands

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Tyres Fitting at Keller Tyres Pukekohe

Wheel Alignments

When it comes to wheel alignments for passenger cars and 4x4 vehicles, Keller Tyres is the local expert you can trust.

Our skilled technicians excel at providing precise wheel alignments, ensuring your vehicle's wheels are perfectly aligned for optimal performance and safety. Many of our satisfied customers acclaim us as the best in the country when it comes to alignment. We take pride in our reputation for delivering top-notch alignment services that enhance tyre longevity, improve handling, and prevent uneven wear.

Experience the best in wheel alignments with Keller Tyres and enjoy a smoother, more stable ride on any road.

  • Race car setups
  • Shim jobs on Classic/4x4 vehicles
  • Mum & Dads’ runabout
  • Trusted by Franklin’s vehicle certifier
  • Trusted by Franklin’s Collision Repairers & Mechanics

Wheel Balancing

We pride ourselves on our expert wheel balancing services for passenger cars, 4x4 vehicles and all sizes of truck and bus wheels.

Our skilled technicians meticulously ensure that your wheels are perfectly balanced, promoting a smoother and safer ride. In addition to standard balancing techniques, we employ our extensive knowledge to diagnose and address potential radial force variation (RFV) issues.

Trust Keller Tyres for precision wheel balancing and the utmost care for your vehicle.

    Tyres Fitting at Keller Tyres Pukekohe
    Fleet Service at Keller Tyres Pukekohe

    Fleet Service

    At Keller Tyres, we understand the importance of a reliable fleet. Our Fleet Service Specialists are dedicated to meeting the unique tyre needs of commercial vehicles. With expertise spanning commercial trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, and industrial equipment, our team ensures that your fleet remains road-ready, providing top-quality tyres and expert maintenance to keep your business rolling smoothly.

    Mag Wheels

    We specialise in mag wheels and take great care in ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle every time. Our expert team understands the legal requirements of modifying vehicles and we adhere to all regulations, guaranteeing that your mag wheels are compliant and safe.

    Whether you seek to enhance your vehicle's aesthetics or performance, we offer a wide range of mag wheels to choose from, each tailored to fit your specific vehicle make and model. Count on us for a seamless and hassle-free experience, as we take pride in delivering unmatched precision and quality when it comes to mag wheels.

    Drive with style and confidence, knowing you've made the right choice with Keller Tyres.

    Mag Wheels at Keller Tyres Pukekohe

    Your Tyre

    You can trust Keller Tyres for exceptional tyre sales and fitting services – no scratched wheels!

    Team at Keller Tyres